Thursday, 9 September 2010

Miracles and Angels.

Well I can hardly believe that after my last post my little Max cat is improving! I had the vet booked as Max was so weak and lifeless and then began having little nosebleeds. It seemed the fairest thing to do, even though I really didn't want to. Hubby and children convinced me to postpone the visit and blow me down, but Max started to eat and drink a little. He's still only eating enough to feed a sparrow, but slowly his strength has returned and he's tottering about like normal.

After such a strained weekend of worry, it feels like a little miracle and I'm drawn to look at the Angel I'm painting, a large picture that's to go in my bedroom. I find Angels to be very comforting in a non-religious way and believe so fully in their existence. The weekend was a struggle as we all worried about Max and the return to school and then on Sunday I broke a tooth. It felt like the final straw on top of so many broken things that day, promises, hearts and friendships. I sat at the field and just let it all out. Afterwards I felt so much better and then such a deep peace settled on me. I looked up into a beautiful sky, one of those breathtaking displays of sun on cloud all gold and rose and I felt comforted and truly at peace.

We are on borrowed time with Max and nothing in life is really ever stable, things can change so suddenly, the loss of a job a sudden change in the path you're on. But I was reminded that we're not alone and help is there if we open our hearts and look for it.

My tooth has been mended and other things will mend too, with time and care and a little help :D


Bovey Belle said...

I'm pleased that Max has a little longer with you. They are such a worry though.

I have had it with family right now. Just want to be on my own somewhere.

Eliza said...

So pleased Max is a little better. I know how you feel about letting go, I need to to but it's all stuck in my throat.

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Oh, kisses and hugs to Max (also the name of our very beloved, late feline family member). My heart goes out to you, your family and Max that he will improve every day :) It's easy to forget, we're all connected and we're all in it together...this thing called life that tends to go haywire more than some of us would like. Hugs out to you :)