Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Artist Date.

I had a great Artist's Date this week and it was exactly what I needed, walking through my favourite woods with snow lightly falling and words tumbling through my head. A flask of tea in my backpack and a note pad and sketchbook was all I needed for an inspired couple of hours.

When I've been with my dear friend, the Woodelf who lives in these woods, we've walked for hours and hours without recrossing our path. The woods are vast and sit in between at least 3 villages.
Starting out, my long path lay before me.

An hour into my walk and the snow fell thicker and the wind picked up. I was looking for Grandmother Yew, but without my map I soon lost the way. Instead, I sat in the warm and relatively dry shelter of a pine copse and wrote a couple of pages of descriptive ramblings.

You can just see the white spots of snow, but not many fell here.

I took a few pictures of myself above the Yew grove, but didn't really want to take the extra time to go down there. I felt quite self conscious and then noticed a large black dog watching me, it's owner a little farther back giving me a very strange look! One of the pictures was very blurry and looked like something from the Blair Witch project!!!

On the last leg of my walk, my path was blocked by the flooded river. This is normally just a muddy puddle, but today it was deep and swift flowing, high above the top of my wellies. I had to find a way around, but it wasn't far to the little bridge and then I was back in the heart of the village and the real World again.


Nan and =^..^= said...

What a magical walk and a time for reflection and thoughts...Thanks for sharing it, I could feel the specialness of the woods. Wonderful photos!

Rowan said...

What a beautiful walk, it's the kind of place that always refreshes both body and spirit.

a mermaids purse said...

such a magical artistic journey thru the woods i really enjoyed it. sometimes i take a little walk alone but i do get anxious if i go too far- which i think alot of woman feel alone.
but its so much nicer being away from human activity and escaping the concrete jungle to a more idealic spot to think and draw xxxx

Julia Kelly said...

Glad you enjoyed your artist date- sometimes the simple escapes are way better then the more grand ones!

Yarrow said...

Oh no! I lost Jasmine's comment, so sorry :(

It was a lovely walk and I'm glad you all enjoyed sharing it with me :)